Creating Neighborhoods of Opportunity in Pima County


Pima County Community Land Trust is a nonprofit, community-based organization that develops and preserves a permanent supply of affordable housing for future generations.

What’s New?


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Sustainable Pricing

PCCLT combines public grants and private donations to reduce the price of a PCCLT home well below market prices. PCCLT homeowners often pay less to own their homes than they pay for rent.

PCCLT has partnered with Washington Federal Bank to offer financing that is both affordable and safe. PCCLT has a long-term organizational commitment to preserving the appropriate use, structural integrity and continuing affordability of the homes.


Ongoing Support

PCCLT homeowners sign a 99-year lease with us, which means that we have a long-term organizational commitment to safeguarding the success of our families. We are always there for our homeowners, well after they’ve moved in.

PCCLT provides one-on-one housing counseling; pre & post purchase education and are a source of referrals to community resources.


Opportunity for Equity

PCCLT homes usually appreciate modestly per a resale formula so our homeowners can earn a reasonable amount of money on their homes when they decide to sell.

Our formula also keeps the price affordable, so a new low-moderate income family can buy the same home when the current owners are ready to move on.