How to Apply

Our application process is designed to make you feel confident if you decide to proceed with a home purchase.

Follow our 4 STEP process below:

Step 1: Submit your PCCLT Application

Complete the PCCLT Application form.

Complete the PCCLT Application form.

You may download the application form HERE.

AND Provide the following supporting documentation:

Household identification.

  • Picture ID for applicants and anyone 18 years old & over.

  • Birth Certificates for household members under 18 years of age (if you do not have birth certificates you can order them through Vital Records at the Health Department.

  • Social Security Cards for all members of the household (those who have cards for work only must also bring their legal residence card).

INCOME:  One month of pay stubs – Most Recent

  • For every employed person in the household who is 18 years and older, you must submit one months’ worth of your most recent pay stubs.

  • Recent Award Letter if you receive Social Security Benefits, Disability Benefits or a Pension

  • If you receive Child Support, provide Child Support Award Letter

SAVINGS:  Three months of bank statements – Most Recent

  • For all financial accounts including:  Checking, Savings, Investment, 401K, IRA, Retirement, etc…

Two years of Federal Income Tax Returns and W-2 forms – Most Recent

  • FEDERAL return only with ALL Schedules and supporting documents such as 1099 and W-2 forms

  • Self-employed clients will need to bring most recent 3-years of Federal Tax Returns in addition to a Profit and Loss Statement for the current year.

  • If not available call the IRS for Transcripts at 1-800-829-1040. It can take up to 4 weeks or you can request to have them faxed to you. Let the IRS know that you are in the process of purchasing a home and need them ASAP.

One month of utility bills.

  • Including gas, water, electricity, and garbage, etc.

Bankruptcy documentation.

  • Bankruptcy papers including discharge letter and list of creditors (if applicable).

  • Divorce Decree- in order to clarify debt/asset issues

You can submit your application via email to, mail or deliver in person or mail to:

Pima County Community Land Trust

17 N. Linda Avenue

Tucson, AZ  85745


Step 2: Meet with PCCLT staff

Once PCCLT staff has received the application package along with required supporting documentation, a meeting will be set up so that you can learn more about PCCLT and the home-buying process.

At this meeting, PCCLT staff will help:

  • Determine income eligibility

  • Identify obstacles

  • Review Credit

  • Create a budget

  • Create an action plan

  • Sign you up for workshops

  • Provide referrals to lenders

  • Provide referrals to real estate agents and other housing industry professionals.


Step 3: Submit your Mortgage Loan Application

When ready, PCCLT staff can forward your documentation to the lender of your choice and work with them to get you approved.   If you are interested in purchasing a PCCLT home, we can help you submit your online* Loan Application to Washington Federal, the PCCLT approved Lender.  You must be present OR you can set up an appointment with Deanna Mora at Washington Federal.


Deanna Mora, Branch Manager

NMLSR #1254446

Washington Federal – South Tucson Branch

1833 S. 6th Ave.

Tucson, AZ 85713

Office: (520) 628-8111

Fax: (520) 623-1595


*Applying online will save you a credit report fee.

Your lender will need the same information listed in Step 1 above.


Step 4: Choose your Home & Submit an Offer

As a Housing Counseling Agency, we are prepared to help you purchase a home in Tucson by providing you with housing counseling services and identifying local programs and resources that may help you with down payment and closing costs.

You are not obligated to purchase a PCCLT home. 

At this time, all PCCLT homes are resale homes. In most cases, this means that we are helping our current PCCLT homeowners sell their homes. Sometimes, PCCLT may actually purchase a home from one of our homeowners.   PCCLT continues to own the land and we will enter a new 99-year ground lease with you. The sale of the improvement/house will be between the current homeowner and you!

You can review the homes that we have available HERE or contact us.



You must  be approved for a loan with a PCCLT approved lender, currently only Washington Federal and include with the offer the following:

  • Income Eligibility Certificate

  • Approval Letter from Lender

  • Addendum #1- Provided by PCCLT

  • Buyer Disclosure Form – Provided by PCCLT

  • Earnest Money check in the amount of $750

You must be determined income eligible by PCCLT.

IF the home is listed in MLS, you must use your own real estate agent to represent you.

IF the homes is listed by PCCLT as a For Sale By Owner, You may still want to hire your own real estate agent.

Your offer must be for the listed sales price.

The final purchase price will be adjusted to match the leasehold appraised value.

You must qualify for a residential loan in an amount that equals at least 85% of the list price of the home. Be sure to include the following documents in your offer: